Jul 2, 2011

Baked by Melissa, New York

So where can I get cupcakes in New York? Other than the typical Magnolia and Crumbs? Well I tried Buttercup, which was okay. And there’s Sweet Revenge, which I have yet to try. But there is also Baked by Melissa!

The one I went to was located at this super tiny shop in SOHO. Since I was around, I decided to try.

Before we go further, I gotta tell you, the size is SMALL. And I mean SMAAALLLLL.

Do you see my thumb there? Sort of? Well yea that’s how small it is.

The cost of 1 cupcake is $1, which I think is kind of a rip off, but if you buy more the price per cupcake will be cheaper. It’s called ECONOMIES OF SCALE (I minor in econ, so pardon my geeky-ness).

About the taste, it’s actually really good. I think because the cupcakes are really small, they can add more grease without sacrificing the texture of the cake. So yes, the cake it actually quite greasy. The flavors are also quite strong, which I think kind of compromises the size as well. The variety of choices of flavors are pretty wide too.

Check out the website here!

So I think this brand is worth trying, but be prepared for the size. Cos again, they’re tiny.