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Uncommon Grounds, Chicago

You know how people are going green lately? Well Uncommon Grounds is one of Chicago’s restaurants that are doing it. The restaurant tries to serve as much local products as possible, from its beef to its beer.

I had the pleasure of trying my friend’s beer, which was called New Holland Brewing Dragon’s Milk ale. Now I’m not the type of person how likes dark beer, not even Belgian beers (my Belgian roommate is going to hate me for this!). I prefer those light blonde commercial beers, cos I’m lame, but this one was AMAZING! It tasted like juice, with a little tinge of alcohol. It tastes like it has less than 5% alcohol, but be careful cos it DOESN’T! So it was nice to try some local products from Michigan.

The food was pretty interesting too, because they were local and healthy and unique. We ordered a mac and cheese (just because it has chopped apples in it), a duck breast confit, asian calamari, tempura taco (which was AMAZING), crab cake with chips, artichoke with cheese and garlic bread, and also pumpkin ravioli with hazelnuts.

My favorite was the tempura taco, cos it was unique, and calamari, cos the sauce was AMAZING. I said amazing a lot.

Anyway, I think this place is worth the try if you are in Chicago. It’s a great way to taste Michigan’s local food and drinks!


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